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20 Questions With

Molly Walz

Born- Beaver Creek, OH
Lives- New York, NY
Occupation- Wardrobe Supervisor/ Costume Designer
Interviewed in
Minneapolis, MN

1. Do you squeeze the toothpaste tube, or roll it? 

Squeeze, for sure.


2. What's something you've won?

When I was 5 I won a sewing competition. Simplicity did a competition where you used one of their patterns to make something creative. My mom helped me and I won $500 to spend on sewing stuff.

3. What's your favorite kind of movie?

I'm a total nerd, I love a  historical drama situation.

4. What’s the best prank you've ever pulled off?

I have a really good one, but it happened on tour, I can't talk about it for legal reasons...

5. What's your favorite beverage?

If it's an adult beverage, whiskey and ginger beer. Or iced coffee

6. Are you usually late, early, or on time?

Late. I try hard to be early to work, which usually turns into on time.

7. Are you superstitious?

Yes, I am. Being in the theater makes people that way, I think.

8. Where do you spend most of your money?

Clothes and food. And Jewelry.

9. If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would it be?

I am 12, so pizza and ice cream. The magical non-calorie kinds

10. What's your favorite word?

Incredible...Glorious is also good.

11. What's your favorite movie?

It fluctuates. Right now it's between Brooklyn and Gone with the Wind. When I was a child I would sit and watch the whole thing.

12. What's your favorite place you've been in the world?


13. What profession would you pursue if you weren't an actor?

I'd probably be a psychologist. Or a historian.

14. Name one odd thing no one could guess about you?

I was in a sorority in college.  I worked in theater all day and I wanted something social to do that was separate.

15. What three words best describe you?

Nerdy, Positive, and Passionate.

16. Who's the first person you tell when something good happens to you?

Probably my best friend. She's my roommate in NY and we've been friends since we were 14.

17. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?


18. What would your tombstone say?

Here Lies Molly Walz, She Travels Well

19. What's one thing you would rather pay someone to do than do yourself?

Cook or clean. I always say all my domesticity is focused into sewing.

20. What's the best advice you've ever received?

My family is very traditional, but my grandma always says "Enjoy your life, have fun, be good."

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