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20 Questions With

Aaron Harrington

Born- Durham, NC
Lives- Irvington, NJ
Occupation- Musician/Actor
Interviewed in Costa Mesa, CA

1. Where do you consider home? 

 My Birthplace, Durham NC. Where you're most comfortable, which is my birthplace

2. Favorite place you've been in the world?

Japan, that was my first time out of the country, first time seeing a  different culture, a different everything.

3. Do you speak a foreign language?

I don't speak Spanish, but I took it all through High School so I can understand some.


What foreign languages do you wish you could speak?


4. Best meal you've ever had?

That's a tough one, I'm a foodie.  The lobster omelette I had this morning was pretty good. Had like gruyere cheese, and real lobster, spinach leaves, all this good stuff.

5. What’s your irrational fear?

That I will be living life at some point unhappy, just being unhappy and living  unhappy and poor. 

6. Who would play you in your made for TV movie?

That one's interesting. Michael P Jordon. I guess he'd be the closest one.

7. What would the title of your made for TV movie be?

Black Don't Crack

8. If you were on a sitcom, what would your catchphrase be?

 "You'll be 'aight"

9. Tell me a joke?

Kansas Basketball Team (photographer dissent)

10. What is your go-to karaoke song?

John Legend- it would either be So High or Ordinary People

11. If you started a band, what would you call your first album?

The Struggle is Real. Cause if I have a band and we just made an album, the  struggle would have been real.

12. How do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as a hard working person. Someone who may not  have known exactly what they wanted to do, but at least worked hard at whatever they were doing. 

13. What did your 8-year-old self think you’d be doing at this stage of life?

8-year-old Aaron, I think at that time I wanted to be a dentist. I would have been in dental school at this point. I was always taking out people's teeth.

14. Is there another profession you would pursue if you weren’t an actor/musician?

I  still think I would actually be a pediatrician. I love kids and I love working with them. 

15. What’s the last text you sent and who was it to?

I'll do second to last text. "I'm meeting Kris to do a photography thing"  I sent that to Seraphina. 

16. Name one odd thing that no one could ever guess about you?

I still have a certain thing with Anime. There's a new season of Dragon Ball Z, and I used to like it as a kid and now I'm back obsessed with it. 

17. What would your superpower be?


18. Toilet paper roll: over or under?

Under- You pull it and snatch it away.

19. If you could give yourself a nickname, what would it be and why?

I'm kind of cheating on this one, I'm called the one I would pick "smiley".People still call me smiley. Smiley or Dimples.

20. You can slip your 18 yr old self a note via Doc Brown’s Delorean, what do you tell yourself?

Don't worry about it. I was so worried already with what I was going to   be doing after college. College really wrecked my brain a lot, it would   simply be to not worry about it.

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