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Studio Magic

Studio shots are great for commercial use and for people who prefer a clean, subject focused product. Crisp light, bright eyes, and a focus on you create a classic image that you can use for years to come

For those who prefer the look and feel of natural light, these photos serve the more traditional purpose of NYC style headshots for actors. Soft light, interesting backgrounds, pops of color and texture give you a chance to put a little more character in a traditional shot.

Outdoor Awesomeness

Whether you want something less formal, or you're looking to snap a great photo for business professional use, personal portraits are a great combination of clean, professional photography and relaxed intimate portraiture that lets a more intimate picture of the subject come across.


Been working hard on sculpting your best self? Looking for a casual engagement session? Or just feel like goofing around? 

Whatever you're looking for I'm happy to entertain potential sessions and I love a challenge. Collaborating with people to see their ideas come to life in images is one of my favorites.

I had the inspiration while traveling with the 20th Anniversary Tour of Rent to document our entire company through a series of questions and photos.

Every week through August 2017 I will feature a new company member. After August I'll expand to friends and colleagues in NYC.

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