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Corey & Jeremy

Established- September 12, 2015
  1. What was your first date ever?   


Jeremy: When I was really young, like 5 years old. On play dates I used to date a girl and we were together into the 2nd grade. It was exclusive.


Corey: When I was in college I took my boyfriend to see "Sexaholix", that's one of the first dates I remember. In high school I had a girlfriend but we didn't go on dates, we just like, hugged in the quad.

2. Worst date you ever went on?


Corey: There was a date I went on with a dude who actually had nothing to say, yet the date persisted. It was Haloween weekend and for some reason I didn't end it, we just kept going. I talked the entire time.


Jeremy: That's the same for my worst as well, just nothing there. I kept thinking, "why am I here."  

3. What did you like about being single?


Corey: Careful


Jeremy: Everything. I think there's just some freedom in only having to consider yourself. When it's 50/50 you're always considering how that person factors into your life. Not that I don't like it, it was just easier


Corey: Me too.

4. What was your “type” when you were dating?


Corey: I used to say, bigger than me, taller than me and that was generally the basis. That's what I preferred.  


Jeremy: I think they all make me laugh, that's the bottom line. Sense of humor has always been the thing 


 5. How did you meet?


Corey: OK Cupid 


Jeremy: Yep, OK Cupid


6. How did you describe the other person to your friends before you introduced them?


Jeremy: Alive. I think I said I've been going on dates with this funny handsome guy.

Corey: I was like, he's really handsome. People ask what he looked like and I couldn't tell them. He's got eyes, two of em, but I couldn't actually say it. He was just very nice. 

7. What do you remember about the “define the relationship” conversation?


Jeremy: We had been dating for a couple of months. At this stage we were still trying to wrap things up. I got home one day and had a padded envelope and inside was a pair of boxer shorts from someone I had been seeing with a note that said, "you might be needing these." So we looked at each other and said, "I guess this is a thing, we're doing this." 


Corey: Then I was away and he asked, "so we are together, we aren't seeing other people." 



8. Did anything about your relationship surprise you at first?


Corey: We had locked ourselves out of his apt like 5 weeks in and we opened the back window to sneak in and I cut my wrist getting in and ended up bleeding on his back deck. He decided to see me again after that, so that was surprising. 


Jeremy: I sat at urgent care with him through the consult, this was like 5 weeks in, and I got to find out everything about him from that interview with the doctor. At that point I felt like I knew everything. 

9. Did you give anything up for this relationship?


Jeremy: Not really. I think relationships are a choice. You need to be an active participant. I don't think I did.


Corey: Nope, didn't give anything up. I gained so much (not redacted at editors discretion).

10. What do you think was the most challenging moment in your relationship up to now?


Jeremy: There was a time a couple years ago when we started thinking about moving. We'd only been together for a couple of years when the opportunity came up. That was difficult to navigate. Do we actually want different things, do we want to achieve the same things, those are difficult conversations. 


Corey: What do I want to do, can I accomplish what I want. Making those decisions for the two of you, not just one. Making a choice based on facts, not possibilities. 


11. What’s your favorite part of the relationship now?


Jeremy: I think probably the comfort. When you know everything about the person. Obviously, time passes and things change but there's comfort in the familiarity. 


Corey: He's really silly. He can be super professional at work but then really silly after and I get to see that. 


12. What inspires you about your partner?


Corey: His drive. His general motivation


Jeremy: His ability to engage people and to make them laugh.



13. What advice would you give to your single selves about relationships?


Corey: Get out of your own way. You've got this.

Jeremy: Don't be in a hurry. When you're young and not in a relationship you want to expedite the process of meeting that person. There's no hurry, take your time. 





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