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20 Questions With

Jasmine Easler

Born- Cleveland, OH
Lives- Toledo, OH
Occupation- Actor
Interviewed in
Elmira, NY

1. Do you prefer a lake, or the ocean? 



2. What your favorite road trip you've taken?

To Houston, took the long way. Kyle and his dad and I stopped in Memphis and New Orleans and all the music spots for me.

3. How do you like your eggs?

It's matured over time, I used to like them scrambled with cheese, but now I like em over medium.

4. What’s your favorite thing to cook?

Ramen Noodles, Chicken Ramen Noodles.

5. What was your favorite room in your childhood home?

My room, I drew on the dresser and the walls and it made it mine.

6. What's the first album you ever purchased?

Might have been Celine Dion.

7. Do you read your horoscope?

Every once and a while, I try not to believe it's legit, but sometimes it's really legit. 

8. What's your favorite kind of sweet?

Donuts. There's no limit. You could go savory, or sweet, or have stuff inside.

9. What movie could you watch over and over again?

Harlem Nights

10. What do you admire most about your best friend?

He doesn't think too hard about being himself.

11. Do you have any bad habits you wish you could break?

Eating at night.

12. What's your favorite board game?


13. Which of your 5 senses do you think is the most important to you?

My hearing.

14. What's your favorite sport to watch?


15. What's your favorite day of the week?

I think it might be humpday, Wednesday, when it turns for the rest of the week.

16. Do you have any siblings?

I have three siblings, Lauren, Christina and Alex.

17. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Vanilla all day.

18. What's your favorite town or city?

I think right now it might be New Orleans.

19. What attribute do you find most attractive in others?

I love when people look free. I always want to be around that.

20. What's the best advice you've ever received?

Treat your hair like it's your hair, you know how to do your hair.

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